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Michael Romig reveals his expected lead pipeline to discuss the numbers behind client acquisition, covering the journey from leads to clients over a sales period. Michael discusses how to find balance, and ideas to keep the numbers up, like using referrals.

If you can get about 200 leads, hopefully about half of those will convert to FEOs (Front End Offer). It’s going to be different for every business. Statistically speaking, you probably need to get closer to 300 leads. So, if we are trying to get a net gain of 50 new members or clients within 90 days, that means you probably have to generate about 100 leads per month, so that would be 300 leads over the course of 90 days in order to get about 100 FEOs.

Michael Romig is the owner of PG Fit, LLC and is a certified and accredited personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped hundreds of clients reach their health and fitness goals. Michael is a leading FBA educator.