Learn from award-winning presenters, Inc. 500 entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. Our speakers are highly sought out for their incredible fitness industry insight!


Michael Romig reveals his expected lead pipeline to discuss the numbers behind client acquisition, covering the journey from leads to clients over a sales period.
Robert Linkul discussed his experience in common physical limitations in older populations. Learn about the common problems that a fitness trainer will encounter and how to work around them, including exercise techniques, range of motion and some of Robert's favorite exercises.
Ryan Obernesser speaks to transforming your comments into clients by taking people who have engaged with you already and developing a conversation that turns to leads and sales!
Amanda Young gets right to it in this exclusive sneak peek.  She speaks directly to standing out and not becoming another fitness business in a field of options.
In this clip, Billy Polson breaks down the 1st part of the client intake process his team has developed to ensure they're set up for success, from the start!
Shannon explains why you need sessions that are current, relevant and with presenters who are in the trenches with you now!
Hear from one of the most sought-after speakers in the fitness industry about why SUCCEED! is game-changing virtual conference that's different from all the rest.
Bedros explains how you can analyze your business to make small improvements that can increase your revenue by 30% today.
Jenna Zaffino reminds us that taking care of ourselves allows us to help other people in a greater and more impactful way.
Petra Kolber: This time is not only about managing our teams, it is also about managing our minds. Taking care of your own mind is the least selfish thing you can do.