Learn from award-winning presenters, Inc. 500 entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. Our speakers are highly sought out for their incredible fitness industry insight!


Shannon explains why you need sessions that are current, relevant and with presenters who are in the trenches with you now!
Hear from one of the most sought-after speakers in the fitness industry about why SUCCEED! is game-changing virtual conference that's different from all the rest.
Bedros explains how you can analyze your business to make small improvements that can increase your revenue by 30% today.
Jenna Zaffino reminds us that taking care of ourselves allows us to help other people in a greater and more impactful way.
Petra Kolber: This time is not only about managing our teams, it is also about managing our minds. Taking care of your own mind is the least selfish thing you can do.
AFS mentor Lauren Eirk walks us through her approach to dealing with competition in a ever-changing studio landscape.
Greg Sellar talks about how people and experiences are the building blocks to successful studio differentiation, and illustrates his ideas by breaking down a studio example.
After many years of studio success, Ivan Barrera looks back at his beginning and walks us through the biggest pitfalls for which to look out when starting a fitness business.
We spoke with Dave in preparation for his SUCCEED! 2020 and SUCCEED! Online sessions. In this video, Dave shared his thoughts on some typical ideas about online training, and what is the key value differentiation to a good online training program.
We are very excited to feature Michael Romig for this Community Spotlight. Michael has been at the helm of two successful fitness studios over the last 11 years and focuses on making a difference for his local community, offering personal and group training.