FAQs: SUCCEED! Innovation & Solutions Summit

What is the SUCCEED! Innovation & Solution Summit all about?  

Since 2020, SUCCEED! has quickly become the highest-rated (98%!) and most respected virtual conference in the fitness industry with over 20,000 attendees registered! 

Hosted by its parent company the Fitness Business Association (FBA), SUCCEED! is hosted 3x a year with this Innovation & Solutions Summit being a game-changing way to earn a ton of CEC/CEUs and access the latest technology & education designed to make your life easier.  The online event boasts education from the best educators inside and outside of the fitness industry to bring you the best opportunity to grow in any capacity.  This is a great opportunity for the entire fitness industry to enjoy!

Who should attend?

We encourage and welcome EVERYONE in the fitness industry!  Trainer, coach, instructor, nutritionist, dietitian, fitness business, manager, and/or independent contractor. 

For those fitness businesses, we welcome any size, discipline, or tenure in business including fitness lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have or who plan to parlay their passion for health and wellness doing what they love. Industry leaders and influencers who want to connect with others and hold meaningful dialog for the future of the industry.
Is SUCCEED! really free?

Yes! We welcome anyone to come in and enjoy the conference completely free as a courtesy of the FBA community (SUCCEED!'s parent company). 

What else should I know?

While access to the education is free, we do provide an exciting opportunity (for a very nominal fee) to upgrade and get a ton of CEC/CEUs + FBA Certifcation.  Enjoy 1 year to watch recordings for this, the previous, and future SUCCEED! conferences. (150+ sessions), CEC/CEUs from major certifying organizations, and join the FBA Certification program (on your time). All included!

How do the sessions work exactly?

All sessions will start PROMPTLY at their scheduled time. You may jump around to other sessions scheduled at the same time as well.  If you've upgraded, you can sit back and relax because even if you're late to a session or miss one, you may go back and watch any session at any time!  

All sessions are pre-recorded. 

My video quality of the sessions is choppy and/or pixelated...why? 

The quality of the session playback is entirely tied to your internet connection. Please ensure you are connected via a high-speed connection without any other applications running in the background to ensure the highest quality sound and video. We also highly recommend you restart your computer prior to attending the conference. 



CEC/CEUs + FBA Certification

How do I earn my CECs/CEUs?

Once you upgrade, you will be sent this CEC/CEU GRID to track your progress.  Simply log on to the FBA platform and you'll easily be able to access all the sessions that qualify for CEC/CEUs.  Qualifying sessions can be found here.  Upgrading also provides you free access to the SUCCEED! Innovation & Solution Summit!

How do I keep track of the sessions I've watched with my purchase of CEC/CEUs?

On your CEC/CEU grid make sure to mark an 'X' next to each session you attend and that you'd like to receive your CEC/CEUs.

Do I have to watch every session to earn all the CEC/CEUs?

You must watch a total of sessions that match the CEC/CEU points you seek to earn from your certifying organization. Contact us at succeed@fbafitness.com if you need guidance with your grid.

What happens if I miss a session or get disconnected?

You have 12 months of unlimited access to return to sessions at any time.

Can I watch the sessions later?

Yep! We recommend that you complete your grid as soon as possible, but the sessions on our platform are available to you at any time during your access period.

Are there tests?

No tests at all for CEC/CEUs. The SUCCEED! CEC/CEU grid is based on attendance.

How do I prepare?

You simply log in and watch the sessions, that's all!

When do I get my certificate of achievement?

Once SUCCEED! can properly determine that you've attended the event and the appropriate sessions necessary, we'll promptly send your Certificate of Achievement. You do not need to do anything on your end, we'll handle it all!

Is it easy to navigate from one session to another?  

Yep, you just leave a session room and click on another link to go into the next. All through a convenient dashboard.

What do I send to my certifying organization to get credit?

We recommend you send your certificate of achievement. 

How does the FBA Certification work?

This HUGE perk is part of the package with CEC/CEUs.  Once you've upgraded you'll have the option to begin your FBA Certification journey and complete all the required coursework to earn your certificate. 

Post-SUCCEED! we'll direct you to all the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition occurs.  And of course, you may reach out to us at any time with questions.



Have more questions?

Contact us at succeed@fbafitness.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!