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KEYNOTE: 5 Ways To Get More Small Group Personal Training Clients In The New Economy

Vince Gabriele | Co-founder, KISS Marketing

KEYNOTE: Meta vs. Google: A Paid Advertising Guide to Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Lewis Agnew | COO, My PT Hub

Developing Connection in a Hybrid Fitness Model

Jacqueline Crockford | Senior Product Manager, American Council on Exercise

Becoming Essential– Next Steps to Align and Advance the Fitness Industry and Exercise Profession

Francis Neric | Vice President, American College of Sports Medicine



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Learn from award-winning presenters, Inc. 500 entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. Our speakers are highly sought out for their incredible fitness industry insight!


Owner, Priority Fitness
Founder & CEO, Body By Definition Advisory and Education Services
Graduate Program Director for Strength & Conditioning, University of Miami
Founder & CEO, Live Well Enhance You LLC
CFO, Boyd Executive Consulting
CEO, Conti Fintess & Wellness LLC
CEO, The Countess Group dba KENisEMAIL
Senior Product Manager, American Council on Exercise
Business and Career Content Manager, American Council On Exercise
Director of Education,
CEO, Director of Teacher Training, Fitness Integrated Science Wellness Center
CEO, Esquerre Fitness Group International
Industry Leader, Consultant
Co-founder, KISS Marketing
CEO & Founder, Fuel Bootcamp
Owner/Operator, Shapes Fitness
CEO & Founder, NPE
Director of Fitness Product, VASA Fitness
Head of Service, My PT Hub
CEO, Your Fitness Money Coach
Owner, Westwood Private Fitness
Owner/Operator, Natalie Kimball Fitness
Owner, Kutting Edge Fitness
Professional Education Services Program Manager, American Council on Exercise
Founder & CEO, Fitness Business Association & SUCCEED!
Owner, Training The Older Adult (TOA)
Holistic Wellness Coach, NASM
Co-founder, KISS Marketing
Fitness industry mentor, Fit Presenter
Vice President, American College of Sports Medicine
Owner, Jiva Fitness
CEO, O.B. Training Inc.
Owner and Head Coach, Fitness Business Coaching
Owner, MAR Health & Performance
President & Co-Founder, Functional Aging Institute
Co-founder / CEO, TCM: The Coaching Market
President & CEO, PGFIT
Owner, CustomFit360 Health and Wellness
Co-Creator, The Healthy Behavior Institute
Co-Creator, The Healthy Behavior Institute
Neuro Rehab Physical Therapist, North Memorial Health Hospital
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Master Health Coach, SuperHuman Transformation
Founder, Vast Potential
Owner, Move Well Fitness
Senior Executive, Synergy Cubed



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Director of Growth, 97 Display
COO, My PT Hub
Co-Founder, OfferingTree
CEO, Fitness Marketing Agency
Studio Account Executive, Trainerize
Certified Trainer, Former Gym Owner, TrueCoach
Operations Manager, EZFacility
Marketing & Sales Specialist, KISS Marketing
CEO, Nuvita
Executive Vice President of the Americas, SportsArt
Product Marketer, TeamUp
Head of Customer Success, Momence
President, Band of Hands
Global Director of Group Education, Keiser
Head of Enterprise Sales, Virtuagym