Director of Training and Development
LifeStart National Headquarters

With 20 years in the fitness industry, Josh has been fortunate to experience many platforms and maintain success in various economic times.  As a graduate of Monmouth College Josh began his training as the first personal trainer for his college rec center.  While working at Fitness Formula Clubs for 14 years Josh started as a personal trainer and spent the following 8 years as a fitness director.  Passionate about growth and new styles of training CrossFit and Endurance training became calling, working at local Chicago boxes and training triathletes in Lake Michigan. 

Currently, the Director of Training and Development for LifeStart Wellness Josh has found his fitness calling.  He has a team of 120 employees which he oversees for education, development, on-boarding, strategy, and overall support.  

Josh has been able to lead teams and be successful post 9/11, Great Recession and now a Global Pandemic.  Josh says; “I am exactly where I wanted to be in my career.  I am in a position that I can give back and support the community that has been there for me over the past 20 years” 

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Find out more about Josh is on his LinkedIn profile.

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Josh's favorite recipe is Stuffed Peppers!