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KEYNOTE Strength in Diversity: Expanding Your Fitness Business Horizons

John Bauer and Johnny August | ISSA

Blueprint for Fitness Success: Unveiling the Path to an Incredibly Successful Career

Josh Leve and Liz Rodriguez | Fitness Business Association



Elevating Excellence in the Health Fitness Industry Through Professionalism
Francis Neric | Associate Vice President of Certification and Credentialing , American College of Sports Medicine

Attendees will learn how adherence to industry best practices will build trust with healthcare professionals and build referral networks. Additionally, the session will explore strategies for ongoing professional growth, empowering participants to enhance their careers and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Presenter Bio

Francis Neric is the Association Vice President of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Francis leads the development and administration of ACSM's state-of-the-art certification programs and serves on the boards of Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences (CoAES), Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP), and the International Confederation of Sport and Exercise Science Practice (ICSESP).

Transforming the Future of Personal Training: Empowering the Next Generation
Anthony Wall | Senior Director, Global Business Development , American Council on Exercise

The personal training industry is always evolving. It is being driven by young, passionate individuals who have different expectations and values. These aspiring trainers views education through a unique lens, with distinct needs and expectations that demand our attention. Join us for a session where we explore the landscape of personal training education. Discover how to meet the needs of this new generation and support the growing demand for skilled trainers.

Presenter Bio

As the Senior Director, Global Business Development for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Anthony J. Wall, MS, oversees all ACE’s international B2B strategy and ACE’s B2B partnerships with organizations delivering education and professional development opportunities.

Mr. Wall serves as a member of the Physical Activity Innovative Collaborative of the National Academies of Medicine and as an Education Committee member for the Medical Fitness Association. With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Wall shares his expertise at industry workshops and conferences globally. As IDEA World’s 2019 Top Industry Contributor, Wall presents globally. He is often used as an expert within the media by many respected national outlets. These include: The Washington Post, The Good Life magazine, Real Health magazine, Women’s Health, and more.

Innovative TRX Training Techniques: Elevate Your Workouts with Suspension Training
Krystal Say | TRX Faculty, Head of TRX Yoga, TRX

Discover how TRX training can revolutionize your fitness programs and help you stand out in the crowded fitness market. This session will introduce you to cutting-edge TRX techniques that enhance functional strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Learn how to integrate these techniques into your existing workout routines to maximize results and client satisfaction.

Presenter Bio

Curiosity helps me stay, forever a student, sparking my zest for life.

I have B.S. in Exercise Science. I bring a holistic approach to my clients as a certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. As an entrepreneur I understand the power of a brand to enrich community.

Currently, I own and operate SWEAT Power Yoga and work for a global fitness company as the Head of TRX Yoga and am also part of TRX Faculty. I travel internationally to present, educate and empower individuals to move well, be well and live on purpose.

Maximize Your Impact: Essential ChatGPT Tools Every Fitness Professional Needs
Ted Vickey | Founder and CEO, FitWell

By the end of this session, fitness professionals will have a deep understanding of how to implement ChatGPT into their workflows at an intermediate to expert level, allowing them to significantly enhance client interaction and reduce administrative burdens.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Ted Vickey is a visionary leader, renowned for his expertise in the fitness industry and groundbreaking research in the intersection of Twitter, Physical Activity, and Mobile Phones. As one of the pioneers to hold a Ph.D. in this unique field, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiring the fitness industry to embrace entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology.

With his impressive track record, Ted has successfully developed and implemented impactful health and fitness initiatives for esteemed entities such as the White House, Department of Commerce, Securities and Exchange Commission, Fruit of the Loom, and Sylvania. His strategic guidance has propelled government agencies and Fortune 500 brands to achieve remarkable results.

In recognition of his extensive knowledge and experience, Ted was selected as the fitness technology expert witness for Meta during their high-profile case against the US Federal Government in 2022. His testimony and insights proved invaluable in navigating the complex landscape of technology and the fitness industry.

With his finger on the pulse of the industry, Ted is often hailed as "the most connected man in fitness." His vast network, spanning influential individuals and organizations, allows him to foster powerful collaborations and drive meaningful change.

As a branding expert, Dr. Ted Vickey offers unrivaled expertise, empowering individuals and companies to navigate the evolving landscape of fitness and technology. With his visionary outlook and entrepreneurial spirit, Ted is committed to shaping the future of the industry and driving transformative outcomes for all.

Scaling Up: Deliver your Programming to Masses with Ease
Gini Grimsley | Director of Fitness Product, VASA Fitness

Many good trainers can program for their clients and get results in 1:1 settings and even in small groups. When you're tasked with creating a training model meant to be executed by different coaches with different members at different locations, those same programs may not be able to meet all stakeholders where they currently are. This is where scaling your program comes into play!

Presenter Bio

Gini is the Director of Fitness Product for VASA Fitness. She is known for creating cutting-edge programming and introducing approachable, results-driven fitness concepts. She enjoys any opportunity to empower the next generation of fitness professionals and is passionate about furthering their education and expertise to provide opportunities for development and career advancement.

Gini earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Sport Science and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and was an accomplished Division I and professional basketball player.

The Common Traits of the Most Successful Independent Personal Trainers
Billy Polson | Founder/Owner, DIAKADI Fitness

In this course, you will learn the step-by-step strategy for new independent trainers to follow in developing a standout brand, filling their ideal schedules and making an excellent living by earning a strong six figure income.

Presenter Bio

Billy Polson (CSCS), named 'America's Best 100 Trainers’ by Men's Journal magazine, is a three-time fitness entrepreneur, an international presenter, and a business consultant for pioneering trainers and boutique gym owners worldwide.

Billy graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in Statistics in 1992. Then, in 2004, looking to build an unparalleled training facility and a community of San Francisco’s leading fitness specialists, Billy founded DIAKADI Fitness, awarded the Bay Area’s ‘Top Trainers/Gym’ for 14 years.

His fitness entrepreneur consulting company, The Business Movement, has assisted thousands of fitness business owners with developing the confidence and momentum for achieving their ultimate brands and business success.  



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