Senior Executive
Synergy Cubed

Cosmo Wollan has more than 25 years’ experience in the Health & Fitness and Medical Fitness fields. He is Senior Executive at Synergy Cubed, a fitness industry consulting firm, and co-Founder of the Fitness Is Medicine Initiative, whose mission is to bring medically directed fitness services to commercial health clubs; and Parks & Rec Rx Connect, whose mission is to bring medically directed fitness to the Parks & Rec community.

He is the chair of the Medical Fitness Association Education Advisory Panel and a member of the MedFit Network Education Advisory Board. Cosmo is a frequent national conference speaker and webinar presenter, and a recognized SME in profit center development, revenue stream optimization, medical fitness integration, retention strategies, sales training, and health club management. He was recently recognized as a Fellow in the Medical Fitness Association.

Trivia & Interest: 

Many years ago I was the Director of a Circus Arts program at a summer camp. My students, (the campers) were ages 9-16, and in teaching them more than 30 different circus arts, including ground  acts, aerial acts, and flying trapeze,  I also learned a great deal about how people learn, about both the science and art of learning theory, and how that knowledge really translates into learning in the real world. It has been my privilege to apply this knowledge to my professional life, and this unique perspective (I am reasonably certain no one else in this industry has the same background) has been invaluable when training clients on new procedures, systems or operations to benefit their facilities.