Co-Founder & CEO
Coach Catalyst

In order of least importance, Trevor is an ex-professional athlete, boutique fitness facility creator, software founder, coach, dad to 2, and husband to 1.

He got his feet wet in the fitness industry training himself for peak athletic performance. After a pro contract fell through, he started his professional fitness career. Over the next four years, he grew a client base from 0 (training his mom doesn’t count) to over 220 in a rural farming community of 5000 people. 

Scaling a client base past just a handful of clients brings certain limitations to the surface. One of those is providing an exceptional experience and maintaining a high level of accountability for each individual. 

After many conversations with his best friend Kane together they launched Coach Catalyst (formerly Habit Catalyst), an accountability and communication platform that empowers coaches to change more lives. 

Since launching the software in 2016 he has been fortunate to bring two awesome boys, Asher and Ezra, into the world with his incredible wife Erin.  

On an unrelated side note, he also a small obsession with Chipotle.