Health, Wellness Consultant
Optimum Fitness Systems

After over 30 years in business, Oliver has been privileged to help individuals lose excess weight, improve athletic conditioning, increase energy and accomplish other health, fitness and wellness goals.

But over these last several years much of his work has been dedicated to helping individuals overcome injuries and chronic disease. With back pain being the most common pain complaint, Oliver has engineered a specialized back care recovery program, utilizing an invention of his to specifically isolate and strengthen areas of the back that get very little attention.

For those suffering from chronic disease, Oliver incorporates neuromotor training, that is now recognized by the medical community, which has proven to help diseased individuals to not only slow down the ravaging effects of their diseases, but even reverse their effects.

Over the years, Oliver has taken on many titles and roles, including:

  • Health, Wellness Consultant
  • Health Club Owner
  • Health Club Business Consultant
  • Fitness and Exercise Enthusiast with over 45 years of weight/resistance training
  • Influential Speaker
  • Business Coach
  • Author, Writer
  • Inventor
  • State Games Gold Medalist in Powerlifting
  • Fitness Director and Star-point Safety Captain for United Parcel Service.
  • Youth Hockey Coach.
  • Personal Trainer, Personal Training Coordinator, Exercise Floor Manager, Wellness Clinic Director, “Silver Sneakers”(Senior) Fitness Program Director, along with serving in other capacities for various Health and Sports Clubs.
Contact Information:
719-576-2256 - Office

Trivia & Interest: 

For recreation, Oliver enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, along with still enjoying high intensity workouts, despite his old age. For fun, Oliver writes and performs parody songs to a number of well-known classic rock and pop tunes.

Other interests include church involvement as a youth group leader and music minister, reading, researching, art, along with other leisure activities.