In this clip, Natalie breaks down the 3 Archetypes that when understood can make a massive impact in your future.


Natalie's sessions at SUCCEED! include:

7 Step Process for Showing Up Confidently Online To Boost Client Engagement (this session)

Goal Setting and Calendar Clarity: Creating a Schedule that Works for You, Not Against You


Natalie Diane Kimball, B.S., is CEO, owner, and operator of Natalie Kimball Fitness, San Diego, CA. She's also a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through NASM, an ACE personal trainer certification, and a certified Diagnostic Health and Fitness Specialist. Natalie has presented and represented IDEA, MYPTHUP, IDEA WORLDS, IDEA EAST, CIMSPA, SUCCEED and has been featured in Oxygen and Strong Fitness Magazine.