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We are very excited to feature Michael Romig for this Community Spotlight. Michael has been at the helm of two successful fitness studios over the last 11 years and focuses on making a difference for his local community, offering personal and group training.

Michael's opinion is very valuable to us, not only because he is a consummate professional, but because he is also an AFS member as well as a highly regarded AFS mentor.  Michael's drive for leadership seems to know no bounds as this year he took on the challenge of helping AFS establish our new Online Meetups program, where he acts as host to AFS members exchanging ideas in an environment of camaraderie.

How would you describe your approach to fitness?

AFS Member Michael Romig
PG FIT - Cyprus, TX

Michael Romig:  We follow a scientific and integrated approach to designing personal and group training programs to help our clients look, feel, and perform their very best. We are the complete solution to helping out clients accomplish their health and fitness goals, and we believe that by serving our clients that we can truly make a difference in their lives, those around them and our community.

How Has AFS Assisted in Your Growth and Success?  

Michael Romig:  I was introduced to the Association of Fitness Studios when I attended a lecture at a conference that Josh Leve was conducting.  I was not aware of some of the statistics about personal training studios that Josh shared.  

There has been a lot of research done on the fitness industry and health clubs, but not specifically on personal training studios.  I could tell that Josh understood and cared about helping personal trainers, aspiring fitness business owners and fitness entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I realized that this was an organization that I wanted to be a part of, and I have been fortunate enough to help and mentor other AFS members grow their fitness businesses.  

What is your favorite AFS benefit and why? 

Michael Romig:  My favorite AFS benefit is getting to know so many great people and developing friendships with like-minded business owners that have servant-like hearts.

I have been a part of several fitness organizations and masterminds in the past, but I have never been a part of an organization that genuinely cares about making a difference like the AFS leaders (Josh, Sara & Jose) and members do. I am blessed and honored to be part of the Association of Fitness Studios and look forward to our continued partnership.

You Attended SUCCEED! 2019 and are Excited About Coming back in 2020, Why?  

Michael Romig:  Simple. This is by far the best fitness event for any fitness studio or gym owner.  I mean that because of the care and attention AFS took to ensure my experience was top-notch.  And it's not just the networking and the world-class educators, but its the fact that this is what AFS and associations do.  They put on events and get people together and they have the resources to pull in the best experts on the planet and then put attendees in the best situation to learn.

I've been to other events when I listen to a speaker around a group of other people who might be in the same shoes as me, but I never get the chance to really learn WITH the presenters and get a chance to understand how to apply their expertise to my business - THIS is why SUCCEED! is radically different.  

"At SUCCEED!, I actually engage with the speakers, get my questions answered and put together an action plan that will pay off big time when I return. You can't get this level of education or interaction opportunities anywhere else in the industry. " - Michael Romig, PG FIT

It's a more intimate conference with one sole strategic focus. I'm not one of the thousands like some of the others. I actually engage with the speakers, get my questions answered and put together an action plan that will pay off big time when I return. You can't get this level of education or interaction opportunities anywhere else in the industry. 

What was Your Favorite Aspect of SUCCEED! 2019?  

Michael Romig: Participating in the breakouts and learning from some of the greatest minds in the fitness industry.  

What are You Most Excited About for SUCCEED! 2020?  

Michael Romig: To present and to help other fitness studio owners and those looking to start their businesses get better and grow.  I am also looking forward to networking with other like-minded fitness studio owners. 

Briefly, What Can People Expect from Your SUCCEED! 2020 Session(s)?  

Michael Romig: My goal is to help fitness studio owners learn how to develop systems and processes to automate their businesses.  I want to make sure that everyone that attends our workshop and session has the keys and tools they need to run a successful business.

How Would You Say that SUCCEED! is Different from Other Events?  

Michael Romig:'s an event with one sole purpose - it's specifically for fitness studio owners.  There is no other event quite like it that is tailored to helping you grow your business like this event...honestly, you can not miss it. 

What Would You Say to People Who Want to Attend but are on the Fence?  

Michael Romig: One of the greatest investments you can make in yourself and your business is to attend SUCCEED! 2020.  If you truly want to grow as an individual and for your business to continue to thrive, you will make the investment and attend SUCCEED! 2020 - I hope to see you there.


Don't miss out.

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