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Sunday, August 28th

All times in Central Time

03/03/2024 - 9:00am to 9:30am

Build Your Client Base Faster: Avoid Creating Social Barriers
Roman Rodriguez | Co-founder / CEO, TCM: The Coaching Market

Trainers currently spend so much time trying to learn technical skills and gaining technical knowledge but they lack social skills to connect with clients and potential clients. The truth is that social skills will help you build your business faster.

  • Business
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Roman was awarded Equinox Trainer of the Year in 2016, Equinox Educator of the Year in 2018, and Club of the Year.

Roman has been involved in fitness, health and wellness for over a decade. Has taught as lead instructor for PPSC, and was the director of a fitness tech company. Roman is currently the co-founder of the tech startup TCM: The Coaching Market, where he is working to create a democratized e-learning platform for the fitness, health, and wellness industry, giving professionals the tools to publish and sell e-learning content on the marketplace.

The 4 Evolutionary Mismatches of Poor Posture: From Muscle Imbalances to Postural Deviances
Michael Romig | President & CEO, PGFIT

In this session, you will learn what happens when you demonstrate poor posture and how to train a client with muscle imbalances or postural deviances. You will discover why we have developed evolutionary mismatches and how to avoid them.

  • Technical
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Michael is a certified and accredited personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped hundreds of clients reach their health and fitness goals. Michael is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Health Science and finishing his MBA.

He received a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology & Psychology. He currently holds several nationally recognized personal training certifications through accredited organizations such as NASM, NCSF, PFIT, NFPT, NSCA, CrossFit, FMS, TRX, USAW, Cooper, and ISSA.

He also has seven advanced specializations in nutrition, PEMF, corrective exercise, performance enhancement training, rehabilitative exercise training, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning.

7 Things Every Elite Trainer Should Know How to Do
Michael Hughes | CEO, Gymnazo

Get a clear roadmap for the essential skills that differentiate elite trainers from the green trainers. And if you're a fitness business owner who hires coaches, this session will give you a roadmap for a coach career path.

  • Technical
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Michael Hughes is the founder of Gymnazo, a 7-figure functional training facility located on the Central Coast of California that focuses on integrating restoration with performance in a variety of services. In 2019 Gymnazo was ranked in the top 5% of American like-sized gyms for revenue. With a churn rate of under 3%, being able to retain over 80% of his clientele during the pandemic, Gymnazo’s business model and training style have created security in a volatile market.

In 2020, Michael founded Gymnazo Edu to share his formula for success with the training community. The core program of Gymnazo EDU is the coach certification program called Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach (MDMC). This certification program, approved for a variety of CEU’s, teaches personal trainers and fitness business owners how to program, coordinate a high-quality customer experience, tailor motivation, and correction to a client’s communication style and modify for a variety of common movement dysfunctions.

Online Training for Older Adults
Robert Linkul | Owner, Training The Older Adult (TOA)

The online training boom is here yet some groups tend to need a bit more assistance when it comes to a proper workout.  In this session you’ll learn what’s necessary to create the best workout possible for the older population without sacrificing experiences.

  • Technical
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Robert Linkul is the owner of TOA ( a personal training studio and online continued education provider for fitness professionals in Shingle Springs, California. Robert is an internationally known continued education provider for fitness professionals with his area of expertise being in resistance training strategies for the Older Adult with physical limitations and/or decreased quality of life. Linkul has his master’s degree in personal training, is the NSCAs 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner, a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee and was voted on to the 2021 NSCA Board of Directors (Personal Trainer Position).



03/03/2024 - 9:30am to 10:00am

Complete Programming: Developing and Delivering a Complete Training Package for Every Client
Gini Grimsley | Director of Fitness Product, VASA Fitness

To create drastic, lasting changes for a client, a trainer must provide a holistic, lifestyle-based training package that includes in-person sessions, homework, and habit coaching. Expanded services allow the trainer to increase their sphere of influence beyond the gym walls and will help their clients reach their goals faster.

  • Technical
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Gini is the Director of Fitness Product for VASA Fitness. She is known for creating cutting-edge programming and introducing approachable, results-driven fitness concepts. She enjoys any opportunity to empower the next generation of fitness professionals and is passionate about furthering their education and expertise to provide opportunities for development and career advancement.

Gini earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Sport Science and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and was an accomplished Division I and professional basketball player.

Career Advancement: Be Recognized in Any Role, and Completely Alter Your Future
Tasha Wolf Whelan | Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lead Mentor, SC Manager, PRO Sports Club

Discover how to lead without the title and why this is important when you want to advance your role. Learn tips and tricks to be seen and heard in your company or aspiring companies. What is your "dream" role? Defining various roles in the industry, pros and cons and how to excel in each role.

  • Business
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Tasha is a 20 year professional in the fitness industry and currently is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Facility Manager, and Personal Trainer Mentor at PRO Sports Club near Seattle, WA where she has been awarded multiple times, Coach and Trainer of the year.

Additionally, she is a Master Instructor for the Pain-free Performance Certification Course where she leads and instructs on Program Design, Advanced Training Protocols, Movement Quality, Mastery and Strategy to keep people pain-free and progressing toward their goals. Tasha holds multiple degrees including Anthropology, Archaeology, Exercise Science, and Dance. Tasha also competes at an elite level in Powerlifting and Strongman. 

New Personal Trainer Blueprint for Success: A Roadmap for Generating New Clients and Living the Life You Want
Logan Dube | Director of Education,

So you're newly certified and ready to start training clients - congratulations! Now what?! This presentation maps out simple & smart ways to start working as a personal trainer. Learn about different employment/entrepreneurial models, how to set up your schedule & services, build a simple business plan and gaining clients.

  • Business
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Logan Dube is currently the Director of Education for the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification. In this role they teach live & online certifications, build content and run the various tracks of the Mentorship program.

After 20 years playing soccer, including scholarship & international opportunities, Logan found a second career in the fitness industry, spending the last 2 decades in roles including personal trainer, fitness class instructor, studio owner/operator, club manager, multi-unit manager, educator and presenter.

Quick Fixes Vs. Long-Term Solutions: Guiding Your Clients Towards A Healthy Approach to Nutrition
Gianna Masi | Manager of Nutrition Education & Innovation, Stronger U Nutrition

When clients seem to want to “lose 30 lbs in 30 days,” it can be challenging for a coach and trainer to get the desired results and manage their expectations. In this presentation, we’ll cover how to assess a client’s nutrition foundation and lifestyle to clarify their expectations. From there, we’ll discuss how helping clients’ awareness will help them achieve lasting, more meaningful change.

  • Technical
  • Quickfire
Presenter Bio

Gianna Masi, RDN, CISSN is the Manager of Nutrition Education & Innovation at Stronger U Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian and personal trainer in NY/CT. She is the founder of Gritty Nutrition, LLC and previously worked with the NY Rangers and NY Knicks.

She loves working with general population clients and youth through retired athletes. Gianna’s goal is to be accessible and practical in her approach and elevate her client’s awareness. Her mantra is: “With good basics comes endless options.” 


03/03/2024 - 10:00am to 11:00am

HIIT & Flow: The Value and Support High Intensity Exercise Offers Trauma Survivors
De Bolton | Digital Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, HIIT and Flow

During this workshop, we will explore the science behind the movement and learn how to design workouts that, in addition to the many, well-known benefits of HIIT workouts, also support recovery and relaxation results.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

De Bolton is a highly qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and award winning writer.  De aims to equip her clients with the tools they need to live free, nourish better, and honor their temple. She is an inspiration to the clients she helps get stronger, to the fitness instructors who she mentors, and to her three beautiful children.

She has almost a decade of experience as a NASM certified personal trainer, and is a HIIT & Flow Master Instructor, co-leading teacher training and continuing education programming for future HIIT & Flow instructors. 

De is known for adding her special “De spice” to all of her workouts—a special blend of challenge and fun that makes her workouts inclusive and accessible for all.  

Through her coaching, writing, and speaking engagements, De has inspired countless people to live healthy and feel strong in the body they are in. And she is continually developing her skills, education, and experience in the fitness industry. 

Along with NASM and HIIT & Flow certification, De is also a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Stretch and Flexibility Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, SCW Barre Instructor, and certified Wellness Advisor. She is also currently pursuing her GGS Women Strength Coaching Certification. 

Using Technology To See More People & Make More Sales
Steve Jensen | CEO, Impact Training Corporation

Learn how to optimize your use of technology and increase your appointments. You’ll also take back to your club, center, or studio new ways to use technology to successfully present online and increase your sales.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Steve Jensen (Dr J) is the founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation, specializing in teaching people cutting-edge sales, communications, leadership and public speaking skills. Steve has been involved in and building fitness businesses for over three decades and is regarded as a world leader in sales and communication training, mentoring and implementation strategies and has helped to positively influence people’s lives and their business profits. Steve is also the founder of the National Sales Academy & My Mentor Coach, and recently The Sales Authority Club & Podcasts which has helped boost the profits of thousands of people, fitness businesses and companies in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Steve was voted the best presenter in sales, sales management & communication in 5 countries over the years & was one of the guest speakers at the coveted Speakers Master Class Event for the National Speakers Association. Steve was awarded Presenter of the Year at the Australian Filex Convention & has presented regularly at many Global Summits and conventions to name a few and teaches people how to plan & deliver memorable presentations. 

Steve was recognised by AusAtive for his service to that Industry by being given The Honour Roll Award for his training in sales & communications skills as well as for his innovation & revolutionising of the sales processes & techniques globally for over 2 decades and has now been inducted into the Hall of Fame & put on the AusAtive Honour Roll.

Steve was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australian Network. The Life Time Achievement Award is made only to Professionals who have dedicated their lives to working in the industry & making a difference to the people who work in sales & management. Steve was recognised for his contribution to sales & communication and to businesses in general.

Setting new trends in training and evolutionary ways to ensure people know that the art of selling has changed and in an ever-changing marketplace, he has developed ways that teach you how to inspire people to buy. He says, “Gone are the days of pushy hard closing selling” and Businesses must evolve if they want to maximise every opportunity. Steve also says “Selling and Customer Care skills can be learnt and when implemented correctly, will increase sales dramatically”. When a salesperson has learnt skills that are easy to use they are excited to use them. You really only have one chance to close the sale – Make The Most Of It.

Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming
Anna Woods | Founder, sheStrength by Anna Woods Fitness

Anna Woods, owner of sheSTRENGTH training, will guide you through the process to create individualized and group plans for specialized diagnoses.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

Anna has been working with special populations since 2008. She coaches clients through her personal business in her barn gym office in rural Kansas, her app, and through Disability Supports of the Great Plains, LLC.

To meet the needs of this broad client base, she developed her own fitness tools and created programming for adults with special needs. Her work has been featured in articles in CrossFit Journal and Breaking Muscle, and she has hosted webinars on training for special populations. Anna is also a mom of three children – two with special needs.

Americans are Sick and Tired, and What We Can Do About It!
Debbie Bellenger | Founder & CEO, Body By Definition Advisory and Education Services

In this session, we will share the top 5 health concerns facing Americans today. We will also review how this data impacts our personal training protocols in adapting to rising health challenges of our clients? Did you know in addition to rising sickness in America, the population now has more adults over age 50 years than under? Let's discuss these amazing opportunities and get ready!

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Debbie Bellenger is the Founder/CEO of Body By Definition Advisory and Education Services.  Debbie has taken the last 30 +years in the Fitness Industry and Medical Wellness Industry to launch her own company full time as of 2022.  She is a thought leader in community wellness, medical wellness, corporate wellness and how they all work together in a local community to fuel fitness clubs with new members.

She is a Club Industry Executive Advisory Board Member and Panel speaker, and contributed  to the Club Industry 2023 Trends Report.  She is a regular speaker at SCW, Canfitpro, Club Industry and is a CEC Provider for ACE, AFAA, NASM, ISSA and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching.  She is currently offering two CEC approved Master Classes for Fit Pros and the Wellness Academy to share Wellness Trends with Fit Pros.


03/03/2024 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Heat, Cold, and the Benefits of Being Uncomfortable
Michael Ricchio | Owner, MAR Health & Performance

You will learn the multifaceted approach to not only physical health, but also life and career success. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to use these modalities, along with exercise and more, in your weekly routines.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

My name is Michael Ricchio and I am the owner of MAR Health & Performance in Downers Grove, IL. My facility focuses on both adult exercise and lifestyle health, as well as youth to professional athletic performance.

I hold my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology and have been coaching/training for 17 years. I am also the host of the Lifestyle as Medicine podcast and strength coach and position coach for Downers Grove North High School.

My speaking experience includes leading lectures for the Northwestern Hospital CEU events, content creator and speaker for LulaFit corporate wellness events, recorded segments for the NBC Chicago Today show, and Nexus Health virtual seminars. Prior to owning my own facility, I worked with Equinox Fitness as an educator, leading their continuing education program for new and promoted trainers. 

The 5 Biggest Mistakes You are Making as a Gym Owner
Dan Kleckner | Owner, Kutting Edge Fitness

Few gym owners realize the growth potential of their business because the fitness business has evolved, and they have not. Join Dan to learn the steps you need to take to build a financially successful training gym that will allow you to manage your time and provide you with financial freedom.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Dan is the owner of Kutting Edge Fitness in Kirkland, Washington and Kinetic Fitness in Butte, Montana – two start-up training gyms. He has worked in the health and fitness field for 15 years and holds a B.S. in Applied Health Science from Montana Tech University, where he was also a collegiate athlete.

Dan is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine and a level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional. He has been mentored by some of the top golf fitness and fitness business professionals in the country including Thomas Plummer, Rick Mayo, Frank Nash and Jason Glass. He now mentors several start-up gym owners himself.  Dan is a well-respected speaker in the greater Northwest and is considered an expert on the business of start-up gyms, improving strength/power for golf and other rotational sports, and small group training. 

From Passion to Profit: The Path to a Successful Training Career
Peter D'Epiro | Sole Proprietor,

This session will cover pivotal topics that include: the role of education, employee versus self employed work, diversifying both within and outside the industry, work/life balance, rethinking your billing system to create financial stability, and work ethic and professionalism.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Trainer in Silicon Valley, California for 30 years, with both a bachelor's and masters in exercise science. Certifications, education, and mentorship with NASM, NSCA, EXOS, Dragon Door, Strong First, Mike Boyle, Stretch to Win, Precision Nutrition, and IYCA.

Work experience includes working as an employee in large national chain gyms, regional chain gyms, and boutique private training studios, as well as being self employed at big box public gym chains, providing mobile in-home training, and private training facilities for independent contractors.

As a self employed trainer have crafted a business working fewer days per week than average (4) while earning above industry highs as listed in the IDEA financial report on fitness industry professionals.

Roadmap to Minimizing Taxes for Fitness Pros
Mike Jesowshek | Co-Founder, IncSight

Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn tax time from a dreaded chore into a chance for financial growth! Say goodbye to tax-related stress and hello to a healthier financial future. See you there!

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Mike Jesowshek, CPA is the founder of the accounting firm IncSight.  Mike has a strong passion for both fitness and technology as his firm helps provide digital accounting, bookkeeping, and tax solutions for studio and gym owners.  With clients all over the U.S., his goal is to help these businesses pay the least amount of taxes as legally possible while helping them grow personally and professionally.


03/03/2024 - 12:00pm to 12:15pm

Brain Break: Joint Mobilization Sponsored by ISSA
John Bauer | Content Developer, ISSA

Our world is full of sitting still and staring at screens.  Let's get up and mobilize joint by joint head to toe!

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

John Bauer has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked as a personal trainer, health club manager, director of education, certification board member, college instructor, and educator for several fitness companies.

He currently serves as a content developer for ISSA contributing to its Certified Personal Trainer course along with specialization and continuing education courses.


03/03/2024 - 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Training Methods for Client Retention: Regular Exercises to Work with Clients No Matter their Level, Goal or Equipment Access
Logan Dube | Director of Education,

Training Methods are ways that beginner & intermediate-level trainers can modify or challenge regular exercises so that they can work with clients no matter their level, goal or equipment access. When you can do this, combined with the relationship you build with your client, they'll stay with you for longer, talk about how much fun they are having and refer you to more clients who are looking for the same quality training experience!

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

Logan Dube is currently the Director of Education for the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification. In this role they teach live & online certifications, build content and run the various tracks of the Mentorship program.

After 20 years playing soccer, including scholarship & international opportunities, Logan found a second career in the fitness industry, spending the last 2 decades in roles including personal trainer, fitness class instructor, studio owner/operator, club manager, multi-unit manager, educator and presenter.

When it Comes to Fitness, Play the Long Game
Tiffani Bassi | Founder, Train With Tiff

We all know the saying when it comes to fitness “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. The same is true as a fitness leader when thinking of your business strategy. When you ease clients into a routine to build a strong foundation, the small wins in the beginning will have a snowball effect and encourage them to take on more at a pace that allows your clients to stick around for the long term and see results that last.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Tiffani is the founder and head personal trainer at Train with Tiff. Five years into her career, looking to make an even bigger impact, she was drawn to working in the fitness technology industry and joined the team at Trainerize where for the next five years she would empower thousands of trainers to build successful businesses and better support their clients, resulting in more people finding success in their health and fitness journeys.

Tiffani hopes to continue inspiring new trainers to pursue their passions and build rewarding careers through her mentorship. Moreover, she remains dedicated to working with all levels of clients, from beginners to professional athletes. Tiffani holds certifications from BCRPA as well as Precision Nutrition Level 1 and FMS Level 1 & 2.

From Cycles to Transitions: Support Your Client's Hormonal Health Through Exercise
Jenna Zaffino | Founder,

Discover how to customize exercise routines for your female clients to comprehensively support their hormone health. Whether your clients are navigating the ups and downs of menstrual cycles, facing the challenges of perimenopause, or simply seeking to boost energy and recovery, this talk will provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies. 

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

Jenna is a dynamic leader who offers education for your brain, body and business through professional coaching, movement experiences, writing, and speaking. The balanced alignment of this trifecta is the platform from which Jenna helps hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality in their business practices.  

Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Teacher Educator, a Small Business Coach, and a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has evolved her small business from a multi-purpose movement center to an online educational hub and support system for wellness pros. Motivated by her own personal recovery from professional burnout, Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcasts, Pilates Unfiltered™ and Moving.

Harnessing the Power of the A.L.T.I.T.U.D.E. Goal-Setting Framework
Micah Logan | Founder/CEO, MELD Fitness + Wellness

Discover how the ALTITUDE principles of Articulation, Longevity, Tangible Metrics, Inclusive Collaboration, Targeted Intent, Understandability, Dynamic Review, and Empowerment can redefine your approach to KPIs. By bridging the gap between strategic intention and quantifiable metrics, the ALTITUDE framework ensures your KPIs are not just measurements, but powerful tools that align every layer of your organization towards shared success.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Micah Logan is a career entrepreneur.  His career started in the Fitness and Wellness Industry. Micah began his career as a Personal Trainer in 2003.  Over the last 17+ years he has not only worked with hundreds of clients and trained more than 20,000 thousand hours, he’s also built one of Boston’s most reputable fitness and wellness companies.  Next Level Fitness & Wellness is a small group training studio concept with multiple locations in Boston and the surrounding area.  In 2020 Micah decided to Franchise his small group training studio concept and plans to launch the Franchise late 2020 – Early 2021.  Micah is an Executive Board Member of MIFO (Massachusetts Independent Fitness Operators) association and a member of Association of Fitness Studios.  In addition to his work in the fitness industry, as a small business consultant, Micah consults with small businesses of varying types to increase profits and to create sustainable business models.  In January 2020 Micah became the CEO of a manufacturing company called HushFrame.

Micah has built an excellent reputation as a business owner, entrepreneur and small business consultant which was reflected in his training facility being awarded the prestigious Boston’s A-List top 5 for Personal Trainers in 2013 & 2014 and the Best of 2015 of thumbtack service award and was honored as #1 rated fitness company in Massachusetts by Top Rated Local for customer service 2019.


03/03/2024 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Rest. Refuel. Rejuvenate: The 3 R’s to Recovery and Optimal Health
Erik Schreiber | Owner, CustomFit360 Health and Wellness

Recovery topics and education are taking the fitness industry by storm these days. With the latest research and education at our fingertips, Erik will make sure attendees leave with an understanding of what recovery means and how it pertains to and ties in with injury prevention, reaching a client’s goals and improving overall health.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio
Erik has been in the Fitness Industry for 17 years, having held positions such as Fitness Consultant, Sales Manager, Personal Training, and Assistant General Manager. Currently, he is the owner and operator of CustomFit360 Health and Wellness located in Ocean View DE. 
As the Owner of CustomFit360, Erik has grown his business aggressively.  In just 7 years, his studio has expanded from a single 800 square foot studio to 3 studios and over 7,000 feet of total space.  Additionally, Erik has earned the Trainer of The Year in Delaware and is now in the process of writing his own book. 
There is No Such Thing as Balance
Jessica Maurer | Director of Operations and Product, JHM Fitness & FIT4MOM

We'll delve into practical tips, valuable insights, and essential truths to help you navigate the complexities of finding happiness and success across various life stages. Leave with a refined perspective on achieving your personal and professional aspirations through effective delegation and automation strategies.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

Jessica H. Maurer serves as the Director of Operations & Product at FIT4MOM, where her role is pivotal in providing comprehensive support and resources to franchisees and instructors across the nation. Jessica curates and develops innovative learning experiences that benefit the entire FIT4MOM community, including digital format certifications, educational courses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and consumer-centric brand awareness content.

Beyond her work at FIT4MOM, Jessica is a highly regarded fitness business consultant and strategist with a global footprint. She has shared her expertise internationally, presenting and consulting for numerous brands. Her unwavering passion lies in empowering fitness professionals and businesses to reach their fullest potential through a multifaceted approach that includes education, program and instructor development, and the creation and promotion of brand awareness.

Jessica's contributions to the fitness industry have been far-reaching. She has conducted certifications and workshops on an international stage, including prominent events such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, canfitpro, AsiaFit, FitnessFest, and more. Furthermore, she continues to offer her valuable consulting services to locally owned businesses and fitness professionals, impacting the industry's growth and development.

Leveraging Metabolic Training for Results and Profits
Dr. Brian Biagioli | Graduate Program Director for Strength & Conditioning, University of Miami

Learn how metabolic training can accelerate fitness results in multiple categories while you gain an understanding to program components and exercise synergy while safely maximizing the benefits of the force-velocity curve for rapid adaptations.

  • Technical
Presenter Bio

Dr. Brian Biagioli currently serves as the graduate program director for strength and conditioning in the Kinesiology and Sport Science Department at the University of Miami.  He also serves as the current Executive Director for the National Council on Strength and Fitness Board for Certification. He is very active in the fitness industry currently serving four national committees related to standard setting, accreditation and population engagement in physical activity in the United States.

Dr. Biagioli has authored four college text books and most recently is the primary author and editor for a new book on advanced sports performance. He has presented internationally for different sport conferences including lectures at the Olympic training center in Korea, Argentina, and is a lead expert on performance FIBA Europe. Formerly, Dr. Biagioli served as the program director for the Department of Exercise Physiology at Florida International University as well as a Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach. 


03/03/2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Converting Leads Into Sales
Jersey Giambrone | CEO & Founder, Fuel Bootcamp

In this session, you will learn tactics on how to connect with your new potential members.  How to overcome objections and get a clear path to the sale.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Jersey Giambrone is the owner and founder of Fuel Bootcamp. A motivational speaker and a 16-year recovering addict. He's spent over 14 years in the fitness industry and is passionate about creating a real impact in people's lives through fitness.

He's a Super trainer, an Entrepreneur, and a believer in God. He is also the published author of the book Too Fit To Quit.

Cloning Yourself & Your Results: Building the Processes, Training and Management So Your Studio Grows Even When You're Not There
Beth Potter | Director of Client Services, STUDIO GROW

In this session you will learn how to create simple, repeatable processes, cultivating an atmosphere your clients can't help but want to be a part of, even on days when you're not there!

  • Business
Presenter Bio

Beth Potter is a leader and has been in the health and wellness space for over seven years. She's navigated through numerous roles from coaching clients both nutritionally and physically to managing and leading teams, contributing to and creating operations and processes for a parent company of multiple fitness brands, all while investing in her own personal health and wellness journey.

Beth specializes in creating and streamlining operations to help the growth of clubs, with a focused approach on the development of teams and leadership. 

Master Your Mindset: How a Growth Mindset is the Ticket to Unparalleled Success
Josh Zaffino | Director of Training and Development, LifeStart National Headquarters

As the health and fitness industry continues to reinvent itself there is one concept that has stood the test of time; mindset!  Life has its ups and downs just as each rep does but it's the ability to Master your Mindset which allows you the opportunity to thrive.

  • Business
Presenter Bio

With 20 years in the fitness industry, Josh has been fortunate to experience many platforms and maintain success in various economic times.  As a graduate of Monmouth College Josh began his training as the first personal trainer for his college rec center.  While working at Fitness Formula Clubs for 14 years Josh started as a personal trainer and spent the following 8 years as a fitness director.  Passionate about growth and new styles of training CrossFit and Endurance training became calling, working at local Chicago boxes and training triathletes in Lake Michigan. 

Currently, the Director of Training and Development for LifeStart Wellness Josh has found his fitness calling.  He has a team of 120 employees which he oversees for education, development, on-boarding, strategy, and overall support.  

Josh has been able to lead teams and be successful post 9/11, Great Recession and now a Global Pandemic.  Josh says; “I am exactly where I wanted to be in my career.  I am in a position that I can give back and support the community that has been there for me over the past 20 years” 


03/03/2024 - 4:00pm to 4:15pm

Looking Forward: Charting Your Path for Fitness Success post SUCCEED!
Josh Leve | Founder & CEO, Fitness Business Association & SUCCEED!

In this closing session, we invite conference attendees to embark on a personalized journey towards sustained fitness success. Join us as we delve into strategic planning, goal-setting techniques, and expert insights that extend beyond the conference.

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Presenter Bio

Josh Leve is the founder and CEO of the Fitness Business Association (FBA) and SUCCEED!  With over 60 industry partnerships including all major certifying organizations, Josh and the FBA has been featured in all major fitness publications. In addition, Josh has been a featured speaker for all major fitness events such as IHRSA, Athletic Business, Club Industry, NSCA, NASM Optima, EMPOWER!, ZUMBA, and others. He holds a bachelor's degree in strategic communications from the University of Kansas.