Owner and Founder
Facts over Fads Nutrition

I started in the fitness industry in 2007. While being an athletic trainer in high school, I found my passion taking care of athletes and keeping them healthy and active. Later, joining the military as a Combat Medic/ Healthcare specialist, I continued my passion through keeping soldiers physically and medically well to operate optimally while deployed in Afghanistan. Starting my fitness career in 2014 as a civilian in San Antonio, I became a personal trainer/Fitness Manager for Gold's Gym. Seeing noncommunicable disease and obesity ratings rise, I decided to launch an online nutrition coaching program. Helping over 100 people within the first months, I knew this is where I belonged. In order to increase my reach and help more people uncover their optimal capacity, up came Facts Over Fads Nutrition. I currently have two degrees in exercise and nutrition, along with 18 certifications as well. These certifications include; Master Fitness Trainer, Elite Fitness Trainer, Certified Exercise Nutritionist, Level 1 & 2 Nutrition coach, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Facts over Fads has grown to over 400 active clients and 3 total coaches. We have helped over 1500 total clients in just a few years and are motivated to continue to spread our knowledge and platform to impact more.