Michael Hughes is the founder of Gymnazo, a 7-figure functional training facility located on the Central Coast of California that focuses on integrating restoration with performance in a variety of services. In 2019 Gymnazo was ranked in the top 5% of American like-sized gyms for revenue. With a churn rate of under 3%, being able to retain over 80% of his clientele during the pandemic, Gymnazo’s business model and training style have created security in a volatile market.

In 2020, Michael founded Gymnazo Edu to share his formula for success with the training community. The core program of Gymnazo EDU is the coach certification program called Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach (MDMC). This certification program, approved for a variety of CEU’s, teaches personal trainers and fitness business owners how to program, coordinate a high-quality customer experience, tailor motivation, and correction to a client’s communication style and modify for a variety of common movement dysfunctions.