After an incredibly challenging year for the fitness industry, studio owners are having to hustle more than ever to keep their businesses alive, and many studio owners wear almost every hat in their business....from trainer to admin, to bookkeeper, to cleaning crew.  The problem is that this doesn't leave time for the most important one of all...the "CEO's" hat!  

There are so many obstacles that make it challenging to fully step into your CEO role:  "I can't reduce my training hours, because that's how I make most of my income.";  "I'd rather work extra hours myself than hire someone because I just can't afford it right now.";  "Aren't I supposed to wear all of those hats...I really have no idea what else I would do as a CEO?".  

In this session, Ashley will address each of these obstacles and then walk you through the specific steps of exactly how you can realistically begin 'Stepping-up into your CEO Role'.  Because the truth is, without being hyper focused on 'growing' your business, you will stay stuck in the hamster wheel of being busy, without ever getting where you want to go.

Come to this powerful session and leave with confidence, and a clear plan of action, so you can level up your skills as a CEO and take realistic action that will get your studio thriving!  
If you own a studio, this is a session you don't want to miss!

Key Takeaways:

  • To get the audience thinking about their role as a CEO in a whole new way.
  • To give realistic advice and action steps on how to overcome the obstacles that are in their way to making this transition.
  • To help the audience learn what the most important things are that they should be doing with their valuable time as the CEO.
  • Having the audience leave with a clear and realistic action plan to begin this transition, AND the confidence to implement it!

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