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2022 Studio Rehab: The Road Back to the Top
Billy Polson | Founder/Owner , DIAKADI Fitness
Presenter Bio

Billy Polson (CSCS), named 'America's Best 100 Trainers’ by Men's Journal magazine, is a three-time fitness entrepreneur, an international presenter, and a business consultant for pioneering trainers and boutique gym owners worldwide.

Billy graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in Statistics in 1992. Then, in 2004, looking to build an unparalleled training facility and a community of San Francisco’s leading fitness specialists, Billy founded DIAKADI Fitness, awarded the Bay Area’s ‘Top Trainers/Gym’ for 14 years.

His fitness entrepreneur consulting company, The Business Movement, has assisted thousands of fitness business owners with developing the confidence and momentum for achieving their ultimate brands and business success.  

7 Steps to Be Confident Online and Boost Client Engagement
Natalie Kimball | Owner/Operator, Free to Be Flawless
Presenter Bio

Natalie Diane Kimball, B.S., is CEO, owner, and operator of Free to Be Flawless, San Diego, CA. Natalie is an online life alignment and wellness coach. Natalie’s coaching program focuses on overall health and empowerment by integrating mindset, and habit implementation to promote physical, mental, and emotional strength.

Natalie is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through NASM, an ACE personal trainer certification, and a certified Diagnostic Health and Fitness Specialist. Natalie has presented and represented IDEA, MYPTHUP, Fitvine Wine, and has been featured in Oxygen and Strong Fitness Magazine.

The Referral Accelerator: A Proven System to Generate a Ton of New Leads on Autopilot
Ryan Obernesser | CEO, O.B. Training Inc.
Presenter Bio

Ryan Obernesser is the CEO of O.B. Training Inc., Gym Profits LLC, and creator of the Take Back Your Life 6 Week Challenge™ program.  Over the last decade, Ryan and his wife Christina, have built O.B. Training into a specialty training facility that transforms the minds, bodies and lives of every adult and athlete that walks through their doors.

In that time, O.B. Training has grown into a profit machine.  Churning out multiple 6-figures in profits each year despite being located in Utica, NY - a city Forbes named the third-worst place for business and careers in the U.S. in 2015 with a median household income of less than $35,000.

Group Fitness Management - Finding, Interviewing and Hiring New Instructors
Staci Alden | Group Fitness Director, PRO Club
Presenter Bio

Staci is committed to helping group fitness managers and facilities elevate their programs, instructors, and leadership skills through writing, presenting, and her YouTube channel.

Since 2014 she has overseen a team of over 100 private Pilates and group fitness instructors at a luxury health club in Seattle, Washington. Her experience leading this team has given her real-world experience and relatable leadership lessons.

Staci also enjoys certifying instructors as a master Balanced Body® barre and MOTR® instructor.



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